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Equation Step-by-Step Calc

Developer: Photomath

The equations calculator online (equation solver) contains the section:This calculator return only anwser, but return ✪ detail step by step solution ✪ for[✔] A quadratic equations[✔] A simplest trigonometric equations[✔] A equation with a module (for example, |x + 1| + |x^2 – 7| = 20)
The Supported:[✔] Supported all math symbols and functions. For example: sin(x), cos(x), exp(x), tan(x), ctan(x) and other.[✔] Suported complex variables (solve complex equations)
Solve any equation types, such as:[✔] linear equations[✔] square (quatratic) and cubic equations[✔] polynomial equations[✔] trigonometric equations[✔] exponential equations[✔] logarithmic equations[✔] equations with complex numbers[✔] and other
The Calculator contain several features:[✔] Numeric solutions for unsolvable equations (such as cos(x) = x^3 - x + 2)[✔] Several examples[✔] Сorrect input expression errors (for example, you enter x^2-x+1/x - 1=0 or e^-x^2=5)